Hack supporting social good, diversity and inclusivity!

On February 11th & 12th students will convene in Washington D.C. to learn, build, and disrupt – converting awesome ideas to reality! Disrupt the District is focused on diversity, inclusion and developing for social good. Here, hackers will be motivated by the support of their peers and the usage of cutting-edge technologies in order to construct beneficial products for all.

Whether an experienced hacker or new-comer to the art of hacking, all are encouraged to attend. Through a series of classes and workshops facilitated by skilled mentors and designers, all hackers will have the opportunity to try their hand in creating something new and original!

Excited about technology, social good, or generating exciting new products?

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College Students


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Austin Lamon
Capital One

Judging Criteria

  • Judging Criteria
    1. Hack supports social good, diversity and/or inclusivity. 2. Disrupts the status quo for a problem, industry or demographic. 3. Challenge to build 4. Product effectively solves a problem in an innovative way